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The first night at the re-launched Croydon Chess went very well. There was an encouraging start for the Junior coaching sessions run by Denis Bourmistrov (2004 Australian Junior Champion), with 6 children learning some of the fundamentals of chess. I quizzed my own kids after the session and my 9-year old daughter proudly informed me:

  • control the centre
  • develop your pieces
  • protect your king!

It seems I should have taken some of that advice myself as young Michael Collins beat me 2-0 in a couple of rapid games. Fortunately my son Jared was able to defend the family honour by holding Michael to a draw after initally being a piece down. This was a great result for Jared, as Michael beat him in a recent game at Box Hill Chess Club.

Bill Collins introduced himself and we had a chat about past times at Croydon Chess Club. We had a number of visitors on the night, including Gary Wastell from Chess Victoria ... CV have graciously allowed us to borrow some equipment for a couple of weeks until our council funding comes through. Shaun Fielder also stopped by and I took much pride in showing him around our fabulous venue.

We had around 15 adults for the later casual-play session ... enough to encourage us to pursue further marketing initiatives with local council, newspapers, etc, so as to build up the numbers. We'll run an allegro tournament next Thursday and will shake the bugs out of the donated computer systems at the same time.

Special thanks to the committee and other volunteers who have worked so hard to make Croydon Chess a reality ... especially Andrew LeRoy (Vice President and DOP), Mike Smith (Webmaster), Warren Whitham (Marketing), Trevor Williams (Volunteers Coordinator) and my wife Tracey.

Don't forget the Maroondah Festival Tournament on Sunday, 20th February 2005 ... entry via the Croydon Chess website.

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