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Coaching for our juniors resumes this week (Term 3) and there are a couple of items of interest that all our players/parents should note:

New Coach Appointed - for the coming term, due to Denis Bourmistrov being unavailable, the coaching sessions and junior tournament will be led by International Master Leonid Sandler.  We are all looking forward to acquiring new and improved skills and are excited to have someone of Leonid's standing involved with the club.  The club would like to extend its appreciation to Denis who has been instrumental in leading our junior program during the formative months of the club's operations.  We wish you well Denis in all your future endeavours and trust that you will continue to be a regular visitor to the club.  You are always welcome at Croydon!

Circle The Wagons: Ranges Challenge - calling all competitors ... junior and senior ... Ranges Chess Club will be visiting us on Thursday, 27th July 2005 for an inter-club, one night chess challenge.  There will be a junior match from 6:30pm and a senior match at 7:45pm.  If you are interested in representing Croydon on that night, please speak with one of the committee next Thursday at the club so we know that you are available.  We have not yet finalised the number of boards, but you would do well to "get in early" if you'd like to play!

Junior Chess Sub-Committee - Croydon Chess would like to extend to you an invitation to work more closely with the club in developing our junior players.  We recognise that junior chess is the future of the club ... but we can't get there on our own.  The committee has therefore decided to call for the formation of a Junior Chess Sub-Committee to help guide our junior program.  We're looking for three (3) interested adults (parents/guardians of our junior members) to form the inaugural sub-committee.  We also want to invite one member of the junior sub-committee to join the club's committee so that the needs of our juniors are heard and taken into consideration.  This is a great opportunity for YOU to get involved and make your voice heard.  We would value and appreciate your input and support.  If you are interested, please contact me and let me know:

m: 0413 537 817

More Than Just Shuffling Pieces - becoming a good player and a valued club member requires more than just chess ability.  There are many things to consider ... for example:

  • Discipline of thought and behaviour
  • Respect for your opponent
  • Knowing and observing the Laws Of Chess
  • Adding value to the club

There are many others I could mention.  A friend once said to me "Everyone should have three levels of interaction in life" ... and what he meant was this:

  • Receiving from your teachers/mentors
  • Sharing with your peers
  • Giving to others

Lets embrace that at Croydon Chess and look for opportunities to both give and receive.  I have updated our Guidelines For Members document which will help reinforce the things that we all need to do to develop a really great club.  Please take a few minutes to read through it and refresh your memory.

Have a great week everyone!

Stephen Frost 
President - Croydon Chess

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