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Senior Club Events 2013


President's Cup

  1. Ian Birchall    Gold Medal

  2. IM Guy West   Silver Medal

  3. John Fleming   Bronze Medal (on tie break from Regan, Cameron & Garry)


Croydon Open

1.   Ian Birchall  ($150), Trophy & Perpetual Trophy 

=2nd to 4th   Kok Siong Teo  ($80) 

=2nd to 4th Garry Lycett  ($80) 

=2nd to 4th Kyle Gibson (top junior)  ($80)  


 U1600 prize:  Carl Dingfelder  ($70) 

 Biggest Upset Prize:    Carl Dingfelder   Book



Fixed Openings 

  1. Kyle Gibson Gold Medal

  2. Garry Lycett Silver Medal

  3. Ian Birchall Bronze Medal (on tie break from Carl)


Black & White Allegro - No prizes 

  1. Ian Birchall

  2. Garry Lycett

  3. Carl Dingfelder (on tiebreak from Regan)


The Frost 

  1. IM Guy West    Gold Medal

  2. Ian Birchall     Silver Medal

  3. Garry Lycett     Bronze Medal (on tie break from Carl)


2013 Club Championship 

  1.  IM Guy West - Trophy, Perpetual Trophy + $100

  2.  Ian Birchall - Silver Medal + $75

  3.  Cameron Yung - Bronze Medal (on tiebreak from Kim & Carl) + $35,

       = 3rd  Kim Tan $35, Carl Dingfelder $35 

     Top Juniors: Cameron Yung & Carl Dingfelder 

     U1600 :     Tanya Kolak  Book 

     U1200:      Pearl Yung   Book






 Weekender 2013


2013 Croydon Chess Classic

  = 1st to 2nd:    John Nemeth, FM Dusan Stojic 4.5/5 ($400 each)
  = 3rd to 5th:    IM James Morris, FM Chris Wallis, Laurence Matheson 4/5 ($100 each)

  Adult U2000:     Justin Penrose, Tony Davis 3.5/5 ($50 each)
  Junior U2000:    Jack Puccini 3.5/5 ($100)
  Adult U1600:     Craig Baxter 2.5/5 ($80)
  Junior U1600:    Marko Grabovac 3/5 ($80)
  Adult U1200:     John Vergunst 2/5 ($80)
  Junior U1200:    Jonathon Yates 2/5 ($80)
  Biggest Upset Prize:   Regan Crowley - Book




2013 Bendigo Bank Awards - $50 Bendigo bank account


For excellent performance, enthusiasm, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship by a junior player.


Selwyn Lo - Performance Award: 1st Junior Club Championship, =4th in the Croydon Junior Open. Selwyn has improved rapidly this year and has progressed to competing in Senior tournaments, he participates well in coaching, he's a fierce but fair competitor, regular place-getter in club tournaments. (Age: 12)

Jake Dawber - Performance Award: 2nd Junior Club Championship, =4th in the Croydon Junior Open, keen to learn, willingly assists younger players, regular place-getter in club tournaments (Age:11)

Taleigha Najim - Encouragement Award: Only 7, but attends regularly, keen to improve and competes well against the stronger players in the junior club. (Age: 7)

Xaioyang Ni - Encouragement Award: Yang Yang attends regularly, he's keen to improve and competes well against the stronger players in the junior club. (Age: 8)

Kyle Gibson - Performance Award: Kyle is the strongest junior at the club. Also strong academically, Kyle has had to reduce his chess this year to focus on his advanced studies and he now confines himself to a few Senior club events. He came 1st in the Fixed Openings and equal 2nd in the Croydon Open (both senior events). Always willing to represent Croydon in interclub events. (Age:15)



Other Results:


Beautiful Game Prize: Ian Birchall -  perpetual Trophy

- for his win over IM Guy West in the President's Cup.


South-East Melbourne Interclub (Croydon - Frankston - Ranges Tri-Cup)

1st Croydon - perpetual trophy

Team members: Ian Birchall, Kyle Gibson, Jean Watson, Cameron Yung, Jamie Yung, Regan Crowley, Garry Lycett, Tanya Kolak.



 Junior Club Events 2013


Summer Allegro

  1. Selwyn Lo Gold Medal

  2. Charan Kalluri Silver Medal

  3. Max Conway Bronze Medal


Autumn Allegro

  1. Max Conway Gold Medal

  2. Selwyn Lo Silver Medal

  3. Jake Dawber Bronze Medal


June Blitz

  1. Max Conway Gold Medal

  2. Macy Conway Silver Medal

  3. Selwyn Lo Bronze Medal (on tiebreak from Saransh, Jake, Charan)


October Rapid

  1. Selwyn Lo Gold Medal

  2. Charan Kalluri Silver Medal (on tiebreak from Jake)

  3. Jake Dawber Bronze Medal


2013 Croydon Junior Club Championship

  1. Selwyn Lo Trophy & Perpetual Trophy

  2. Jake Dawber Silver Medal

  3. Charan Kalluri Bronze Medal (on tiebreak from Max Conway)



Croydon Junior Open – Easter holidays


1. Ben Maricak  -  Gold Medal, certificate and book

2. Chao Yi Cheng -  Silver Medal, certificate and book

3. Max Conway -  Bronze Medal, certificate and book


Top Girl:   Chao Shien Cheng -  Certificate and book

Top U10:    Saransh Ahuja -  Certificate and book


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