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Senior Club Events 2015


Croydon Open

1st     Kyle Gibson $150 + Perpetual Trophy engraved

2nd    IM Guy West $100

= 3rd/4th    Cameron Yung ($70 - top junior), Phil Drew($70)

U1600:    George Meilicke ($70 each).

Biggest upset prize: Stafford Lee


President's Cup

  1. Kyle Gibson Gold Medal & Perpetual trophy

  2. Garry Lycett Silver Medal

  3.  Tanya Kolak Bronze Medal (on tie break from Carl)


Fischer Random

  1. Ian Birchall Gold Medal

  2. IM Guy West Silver Medal (on tie break from Jean)

  3. Jean Watson Bronze Medal


The Frost

  1. IM Guy West Gold Medal

  2. Garry Lycett Silver Medal (on tie break)

  3. Kyle Gibson Bronze Medal (on tie break from Ian, Tanya & Stafford)


2015 Allegro

  1. Ian Birchall Gold Medal

  2. John Davenport (on tie break) Silver Medal

  3. Tanya Kolak Bronze Medal


2014 Croydon Club Championship   

  1. IM Guy West Trophy & Perpetual Trophy engraved $100

  2. Ian Birchall Silver Medal $75

  3. Kim Tan Bronze Medal (tie break) $25

      = 3rd Kyle Gibson (=Top Junior) $40,

      = 3rd Sasha Mygovych $25,

       =3rd Carl Dingfelder (= Top Junior & U1600) $40

       U1000 Stanley Ang $30


Christmas Blitz

1st  Bill Jordan

         Top unrated: Christian Lu



2015 Croydon Classic:


 =1st /2nd      IM Guy West, John Nemeth $400 each

=3rd /6th        IM Ilias Kourkounakis, Michael Hornung,

                   Kai Jensen (also = U2000 Adult)

                   Miodrag Milojevic (also = U2000 Adult) $100 each

U2000 Junior: Cameron Yung $100

U1600 Adult: Tanya Kolak, Marcus Ogden $40 each

U1600 Junior: Alexander Harris $80

U1200 Adult: Alan Gray, John Vergunst, Mustafa Jamal $30 each

U1200 Junior: Jimmy Deng $80

Biggest Upset Prize: Jimmy Deng $30 book prize











Special Awards


2015 Bendigo Bank Awards - $50 Bendigo bank account


For excellent performance, enthusiasm, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship by a junior player.


Chloe Fan: 2015 Junior Club Champion, great enthusiasm, keen to improve, regular place-getter in our junior tournaments. (Age: 8)


Patrick Hoang : Patrick has demonstrated rapid improvement over the year, winning a number of B-division tournaments before progressing to A-Div. Also top U10 player in the Croydon Junior Open.(Age: 8)


Kimberly Bracher : Over the whole year, Kim is our best performed girl in B-Division. She is enthusiastic, tries very hard and is prepared to think carefully about her moves. (Age: 11)


Kyle Gibson: Kyle plays in the senior club. His ACF rating reached a high of 1987 this year. He has won two of our senior tournaments this year and scored some very good results against strong players, including a draw with IM Guy West (Age: 17)


Chengyun Xu : Moved to A- Division at the beginning of this year, came 2nd in the Summer Allegro, 2nd in the June Blitz, just turned 8 in November. (Age:8)


Beautiful Game Prize:    Tanya Kolak & Stafford Lee


2015 Croydon Junior Open – Easter holidays


1. Jonathan Ng Gold Medal, certificate and book

2. Stafford Lee Silver Medal, certificate and book


    3. Ash Ambekar Bronze Medal, certificate and book (on tie break)



Top U10 Patrick Hoang Certificate and book

Top Girl Chao Xin Cheng Certificate and book


Encouragement Awards went to Chloe Fan & Hayden Ma



Junior Club Events 2015


Summer Allegro

A (Experienced):

1st Jake Dawber Gold Medal

2nd Chengyun Xu Silver Medal

3rd Nick Tan Bronze Medal

B (Novice):

1st Chloe Fan Gold Medal

=2nd Sharnie Geard, Mitchell Cottom, Patrick Hoang, Luca Delogu Silver Medals


Autumn Allegro

A (Experienced):

=1st Harzel Lu, Nicholas Lum Gold Medals

=3rd Nick Tan, Michelle Wynne Bronze Medals


B (Novice):

1st Chloe Fan Gold Medal

2nd Andrew Eyhorn Silver Medal

=3rd Patrick Hoang, Kimberley Bracher, Igor Stepatov, Hayden Ma Bronze Medals


June Blitz


A - Division:

1st Nick Tan Gold Medal

2nd Chengyun Xu Silver Medal

3rd Harzel Lu, Michelle Wynne Bronze Medals


B - Division:


=1st Ben Kyval, Patrick Hoang, Igor Stepatov Gold Medals


2015 Croydon Junior Club Championship


Junior Club Champion: Chloe Fan - Trophy & Perpetual Trophy


A – Division:

=1st Nick Tan Gold Medal (Lost play-off to Chloe)

3rd Nicholas Lum Bronze Medal



B – Division:

1st Patrick Hoang Gold Medal

2nd Patrick Zhang Silver Medal

3rd Andrew Eyhorn Bronze Medal


September Blitz – B Division

1st Patrick Hoang Gold Medal

=2nd Kimberley Bracher, Maya Morley Silver Medals


Croydon Christmas Cracker


A - Divison:

1st Chloe Fan Gold Medal

=2nd Harzel Lu, Nick Tan, Nicholas Lum, Jake Dawber Silver Medals


B - Division:

1st Patrick Zhang Gold Medal

=2nd Chris Fox, Tomas Brogan, Kimberly Bracher Silver Medals


C – Division:

Encouragement awards: Sophia Reinthaler (5), Max Fan (6), Paul Hoang(6), Eden Bracher (7), Joshua McAliece (7), Audrey Ye (8) Charlotte Lacey (5)




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