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Senior Club & Open Events


2016 Croydon Open

=1st Guy West, Vinay Lakshman

  3rd Cameron Yung


  Junior: Selwyn Lo, Jonathan Ng 

  U1600: Jean Watson 

  Biggest upset prize: Vinay Lakshman


2016 President's Cup

  1. Kyle Gibson

  2. Kerry Stead

  3. Garry Lycett


2016 Fischer Random

  1. Garry Lycett

  2. Tanya Kolak

  3. Jonathan Ng


2016 Croydon Classic


1st FM Greg Canfell $500

=2nd/5th John Nemeth $150

         FM Abdulwahab Rashid $150

         FM Domagoj Dragicevic $150

        Tony Davis $150


U2000 Adult: Milenko Lojanica, Richard Voon, Tom Lea $35 each

          U2000 Junior: Jody Middleton $100 

U1600 Adult: Joshua Culbert, Tanya Kolak $40 each 

U1600 Junior: Nicholas Ilic $80 

U1200 Adult: Joselito Chansuyco $80 

U1200 Junior: Kendrick Lo, Atlas Baillieu $40 each 

Biggest Upset Prize: Shum Ghumman book


Raffle Winner: Tony Davis




2016 The Frost

  1. Kyle Gibson

  2. Ian Birchall

  3. Garry Lycett


2016 Allegro

  1. Ian Birchall

  2. Garry Lycett

  3. Jonathan Ng


2016 Blitz

  1. Ian Birchall

  2. Garry Lycett

  3. Stanley Ang


2016 Croydon Club Championship

  1. Kerry Stead

  2. IM Guy West

  3. Garry Lycett


    Junior: Gavyn Sanusi-Goh

    U1600: Franz Oswald, Tanya Kolak

    U1100: Alan Gray


2016 Presentation Night Blitz

  1. IM Guy West

  2. Kyle Gibson

  3. Chris Potter

        Junior:   Gavyn Sanusi-Goh, Chloe Fan

Special Awards


2016 Bendigo Bank Awards

For excellent performance, enthusiasm, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship by a junior player.


Gavyn Sanusi-Goh

Gavyn is our current Junior Club Champion. He regularly plays in open competition with adults and has achieved a number of upsets against good club players this year. He was the top junior in this year's Senior Club Championship. He has also been of great assistance in setting the club up between the Junior and Senior sessions each Thursday. (8 years old)

Tiger Zhao

Tiger joined our Beginners' group at the start if the year. He won his first tournament there and quickly made his way into the Intermediate group where he immediately made his presence felt by coming equal first in the B-Division Junior Club Championship. (5 years old)


Chloe Fan

Our strongest girl player in the Junior Club, she regularly finishes in the top 3 in our junior tournaments. Chloe has made the transition to playing in Senior Competition. She finished 4th in the U10 Girls Vic Juniors. (9 years old)


Sophie Chang

Sophie participates only in our Senior competitions and has caused a number of upsets against adult club players. Our strongest girl player, Sophie finished equal first in the U10 Vic Juniors. (9 years old)

Nicholas Lum

Nicholas has performed well throughout the year in our advanced group. He won two junior tournaments this year and rarely places outside the top 3. (11 years old)



2016 Most Beautiful Game: Kyle Gibson, for his game against Garry Lycett in the Croydon Open.


Junior Club


2016 Junior Summer Allegro

A - Divison:

    1st Nicholas Lum Gold Medal

    =2nd Chloe Fan , Chengyun Xu Silver Medals

B - Division:

1st Patrick Zhang Gold Medal

=2nd Chris Fox, Ben Kyval Silver Medals


2016 Summer Novice Allegro

1st Tiger Zhao Gold Medal

=2nd Julie Wu, Derek Qian, Eden Bracher Silver Medals x 3


2016 Junior Polgar Blitz

A - Divison:

    =1st Harzel Lu, Chloe Fan Gold Medals

    =3rd Nicholas Lum, Chengyun Xu Bronze Medals

B - Division:

=1st Chris Fox, Zaine Gandrabur Gold Medals

3rd Tait Brogan Bronze Medal


2016 Croydon Junior Open (No medals or trophies – book prizes & certificates awarded)


1st Ethan Hooi 6.5

2nd Stanley Ang 6

3rd Jonathan Ng 5.5


Top U12 Chao Shien Cheng 5

Top U9 Gavyn Sanusi-Goh 5

Top Girl Chao Xin Cheng 4.5

Encouragement Awards:

Justin Kwan, Audrey Ye, Lucas Lum


2016 Junior Autumn Allegro

A - Division:

=1st Nicholas Lum, Chloe Fan, Patrick Zhang Gold Medals


B - Division:

    1st Will Zhang Gold Medal

    2nd Zaine Gandrabur Silver Medal

    3rd Kimberley Bracher Bronze Medal

2016 Autumn Novice Allegro

1st Yiqing Cao Gold Medal

2nd Max Fan Silver Medal

3rd Eden Bracher Bronze Medal


2016 Junior Capablanca Blitz


A - Division:

    1st Chris Fox Gold Medal

    2nd Chloe Fan Silver Medal

    No third place awarded

B - Division:

1st Lucas Lum Gold Medal

=2nd Will Zhang, Kimberley Bracher


2016 Junior Club Championship


Junior Club Champion: Gavyn Sanusi-Goh – Trophy & Perpetual trophy engraved


A – Division:

2nd Chris Fox Silver Medal

    3rd Nicholas Lum Bronze Medal


B – Division:

=1st Tiger Zhao, Ben Kyval Gold Medals

3rd Hayden Ma Bronze Medal


C – Division:

1st Julie Wu Gold Medal

=2nd Derek Qian, Chantal Arthur, Emily Wu Silver Medals


2016 Junior Christmas Cracker

A - Divison:

1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh    Gold Medal

=2nd Nicholas Lum , Chloe Fan     Silver Medals


B - Division:

1st Tiger Zhao Gold Medal

=2nd Hayden Ma, Lucas Cheong, Ursula Arthur Silver Medals


2016 Spring Novice Allegro

1st Joshua McAliece       Gold Medal

2nd Paul Hoang    Silver Medal

3rd Alex Monks    Bronze Medal


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