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Senior Club & Open Prize Winners


2017 Croydon Open   
1st    Ian Birchall     Perpetual Trophy ($150)
2nd   Kerry Stead    ($100)
3rd    Garry Lycett     ($70)
U1600  Chris Potter, Steve Bickell   ($35)
Junior prize  Gavyn Sanusi-Goh   ($70)


2017 Carlsen Classic (U800)
1st   Nima Bekloo              Gold Medal
2nd  Patrick Zhang            Silver Medal                  
3rd  Tiger Zhao                 Bronze Medal

2017 President's Cup
1st  Ian Birchall   Gold Medal  & Perpetual trophy
2nd  Kyle Gibson            Silver Medal
3rd  Chris Potter            Bronze Medal

       2017 President's Cup U800
1st   Chengyun Xu            Gold Medal
2nd   Eric Zheng            Silver Medal
3rd   Tiger Zhao            Bronze Medal

2017 Fixed Openings

1st   IM Guy West            Gold Medal
2nd   Kyle Gibson            Silver Medal                  
3rd    Kevin Brown           Bronze Medal

     2017 Fixed Openings U800
1st    Eric Zheng            Gold Medal
2nd   Chengyun Xu        Silver Medal                  
3rd    Ernest Cheong      Bronze Medal

2017 The Frost  
1st  Ian Birchall            Gold Medal
2nd  Kyle Gibson          Silver Medal
3rd  Garry Lycett         Bronze Medal

        2017 The Frost U800
1st    Tiger Zhao            Gold Medal
2nd   Jayden Zhang        Silver Medal                  
3rd    Chengyun Xu        Bronze Medal

2017 The Spring Cup
1st  Kyle Gibson            Gold Medal
2nd  Ian Birchall            Silver Medal
3rd  Garry Lycett            Bronze Medal

      2017 The Spring Cup U800

1st    Tiger Zhao           Gold Medal
2nd   Chengyun Xu       Silver Medal                  
3rd    Hayden Ma          Bronze Medal


2017 Croydon Club Championship 

1st  IM Guy West  Trophy & Perpetual trophy $100
2nd Ian Birchall         Silver Medal    (=2nd $42)
3rd  Garry Lycett        Bronze Medal   (=2nd $42)

4th on tiebreak      Chris Potter   (=2nd  $42)       

Top Juniors:

Gavyn Sanusi-Goh, Chengyun Xu (U800)   ($40)


Jean Watson, Mathew Cooke, George Meilicke ($10)

U1100:  John Fleming   ($30)

       2017 Croydon Club Championship U800

1st      Eric Zheng                Gold Medal
2nd      Hayden Ma                Silver Medal
3rd      Jayden Zhang             Bronze Medal



Special Awards


2017 Bendigo Community Bank Awards  ($50 bank account)

1. Ethan Seow (6)  - Encouragement Award
A young beginning player who has demonstrated perseverance and good development since joining the club.

2. Jayden Zhang  (7) - Encouragement Award
 Jayden has was the top Under 8 in the Croydon Junior Open and has often featured in the top 3 of our junior A-division and U800 tournaments, where he competes against much older players.

3. Hayden Ma (9) - Encouragement Award
Hayden has been a member for 3 years. Throughout that time he has demonstrated skill and perseverance. This year, he has moved from B-division to A-division and been very competitive there. He has finished in the top 3 in a number of junior and U800 events.

4. Chantal Arthur (11) - Encouragement Award
  Chantal has demonstrated great improvement and quiet perserverance in progressing from the Beginners group to being competitive at our A-division level in just 18 months.

5. Audrey Ye (10) - Encouragement Award
After coming equal first in the B-division Junior Club Championship, Audrey progressed to A-division and the U800 transition tournaments. She has been competitive against some of the strongest juniors in the club and we encourage her to persevere.

2017 Most Beautiful Game:       

           Jean Watson          Perpetual Trophy

For her Rd 1 win over International Master Guy West in the 2017 Croydon Club Championship.

Junior & Youth Club Prize Winners

2017 Croydon Junior Open
      (Book prizes & certificates awarded)

1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh
2nd Reiner Ng
=3rd Chuyue Angie Li, Brinthan Mahadeva
U10:      Reyen Ng
U8:    Jayden Zhang, Michael Ooi, Derek Qian
Encouragement: Paul Hoang

2017 Junior Summer Allegro

A - Division:
1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh      Gold Medal
=2nd Lucas Lum, Jayden Zhang     Silver Medals

B - Division:
1st Felix Chen       Gold Medal
=2nd    Ben Kyval, Chris Melissiankos, Noah McAliece

                                                Silver Medals

2017 Junior Polgar Blitz

A - Division:
1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh    Gold Medal
2nd Chloe Fan    Silver medal
3rd Nicholas Lum     Bronze Medal

 B - Division:
1st Chris Melissiankos     Gold Medal
2nd Felix Chen       Silver Medal
=3rd Ursula Arthur, Jude Arthur, Hayden Ma,

          Eric Zheng  Bronze medals

2017 Junior Autumn Allegro

A - Division:
1st Chengyun Xu      Gold Medal
2nd Gavyn Sanusi-Goh        Silver Medal
3rd Tiger Zhao         Bronze Medal

 B - Division:
1st Eric Zheng       Gold Medal
=2nd Chris Melissiankos, Colin He, Angela Arthur 

                                           Silver Medals

 2017 Junior Capablanca Blitz

 A - Division:
1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh     Gold Medal
=2nd Hayden Ma, Tiger Zhao        Silver Medals

B - Division:
=1st Lucas Cheong, Derek Qian      Gold Medals
=3rd Eric Zheng, Analia Luscombe, Ursula Arthur,
Colin He, Barathan Mahadeva       Bronze medals

2017 Junior Christmas Cracker

A – Division:
1st Gavyn Sanusi-Goh      Gold Medal
=2nd Chengyun Xu, Ursula Arthur      Silver Medals

B – Division:
1st Timothy Brown      Gold Medal
=2nd Urban Fu, Chunting Li, Analia Luscombe    

                                                    Silver Medals

2017 Junior Club Championship
Junior Club Champion:
     Gavyn Sanusi-Goh   Trophy & Perpetual trophy

 A – Division:
2nd Tiger Zhao       Silver Medal
=3rd Chloe Fan, Chengyun Xu        Bronze Medals

B – Division:
=1st Audrey Ye, Tyger Wang       Gold Medals
3rd Derek Qian        Bronze Medal

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