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Senior Club

2018 Croydon Open
1st    IM Guy West   $150   Perpetual Trophy
2nd  Ian Birchall    $100
3rd  Simon Anderson    $70

   Top U1600: Richard Goldsmith, Tanya Kolak  $35 each
    Top Junior:   Chengyun Xu   $70

    2018 Croydon Open - U800
    =1st   Felix Chen            Gold Medal
    =1st   Eric Zheng            Gold Medal                  
    =3rd   Jayden Zhang           Bronze Medal
    =3rd   Riley McCullough        Bronze Medal

2018 President's Cup
1st  Ian Birchall            Gold Medal  & Perpetual Trophy
2nd  Bill Jiang                Silver Medal
3rd  Kyle Gibson            Bronze Medal

       2018 President's Cup U800

       1st   Eric Zheng            Gold Medal
       2nd   Hayden Ma            Silver Medal
       3rd   Lucas Cheong            Bronze Medal

2018 King's Gambit

1st   Ian Birchall            Gold Medal
2nd   Kyle Gibson            Silver Medal                  
3rd    Chris Potter                  Bronze Medal

     2018 King's Gambit U800

     1st    Hayden Ma         Gold Medal
     2nd   Felix Chen           Silver Medal                  
     3rd    Lucas Cheong       Bronze Medal

2018 The Frost  
1st  Ian Birchall            Gold Medal
2nd  Garry Lycett            Silver Medal
3rd  Ion Kloprogge            Bronze Medal

    2018 The Frost U800
    1st    Hayden Ma            Gold Medal
    2nd   Colin He                Silver Medal                  
     3rd    Derek Qian           Bronze Medal

2018 The Spring Cup
1st  Chris Potter            Gold Medal
2nd  Ian Birchall            Silver Medal
3rd  Mathew Cooke       Bronze Medal

    2018 The Spring Cup U800
     1st    Lucas Cheong        Gold Medal
     2nd   Derek Qian            Silver Medal                  
     3rd    Abtin Bekloo          Bronze Medal


2018 Croydon Club Championship    
1st      Kyle Gibson   $100  Trophy & Perpetual trophy
2nd      Garry Lycett     $75    Silver Medal
3rd      Ian Birchall     $50       Bronze Medal

     Junior prize:    Gavyn Sanusi-Goh $50
     U1600 prize:   Tanya Kolak  $30
     U1100 prize:   Pearl Yung $30

    2018 Croydon Club Championship U800       
     1st      Colin He            Gold Medal
     2nd      Matthew Zhu     Silver Medal
     3rd      Hayden Ma            Bronze Medal


Special Awards & Events

 Bendigo Bank Certificates (Junior /Youth encouragement awards)


We are grateful to Bendigo Bank for supplying $50 bank accounts as encouragement awards to our juniors.

  1. Emily Wu - One of the greatest improvers and consistently the strongest female player in Junior Club this year. (10 years old)

  2. Allen Han - Allen is an enthusiastic young player, who regularly participates in events beyond his age-group both here and at other clubs. (8 years old)

  3. Callen Hermann – Callen is a quiet achiever who has demonstrated great improvement this year and has placed well in a number of tournaments. (8 years old)

  4. Boris Eroshenko – Boris is an enthusiastic young player who is keen to learn new ideas and implement them in his play. He has successfully moved from Junior B into Junior A division this year.

  5. Eric Zheng – Moved from our Youth transition tournaments to our Open tournaments this year. His games against much higher rated players were often the last to finish on a Thursday night. In most of his games this year he played solidly and thoughtfully, showing great maturity. He has quickly achieved a 966 ACF rating. (13 years old).

Most Beautiful Game Award - Gavyn Sanusi-Goh for his win in R5 of the The Frost.


Presentation Night Blitz

     1st  Kyle Gibson  5/5

   =2nd Mathew Cooke, Richard Goldsmith 4

   Top Junior: Eric Zheng 4/5 on tiebreak from

                 Jayden Zhang, Tiger Zhao, Felix Chen.



Junior & Youth Clubs


2018 Summer Allegro
     1st     Gavyn Sanusi-Goh     Gold Medal
     =2nd  Tiger Zhao, Jayden Zhang Silver Medals
     Junior A:
    1st     Jimmy Dong     Gold Medal
    2nd    Chunting Li      Silver Medal
    3rd     Dennis Perifylev   Bronze Medal
     Junior B:
    1st    Allen Han       Gold Medal
    2nd    Jason Cui       Silver Medal
    3rd    Hayden Goldsmith    Bronze Medal

2018 Polgar Blitz
     1st     Eric Zheng      Gold Medal
     2nd        Colin He     Silver Medal
     3rd        Tiger Zhao    Bronze Medal
     Junior A:
    1st     Analia Luscombe     Gold Medal
    2nd      Chunting Li      Silver Medal
    3rd        Callen Hermann    Bronze medal

2018 Croydon Junior Open
      =1st : Chengyun Xu, Jayden Zhang,Tiger Zhao
     Top Under 8:   Lucas Mi
      Encouragement Award: Carol Lu, Callen Herman
      Each prize-winner received a chess book.

2018 Autumn Allegro
    1st     Eric Zheng   Gold Medal
    2nd     Chengyun Xu   Silver Medal
    =3rd     Jayden Zhang, Tiger Zhao, Felix Chen,

                     Hayden Ma        Bronze Medals

     Junior A:
     1st     Lucas Mi     Gold Medal
     2nd      Allen Han      Silver Medal
     3rd    Jimmy Dong     Bronze Medal
      Junior B:
     1st    Boris Eroshenko      Gold Medal
     =2nd Jaylen He, Hayden Goldsmith  Silver Medals

2018 Capablanca Blitz
    =1st       Chengyun Xu, Eric Zheng       Gold Medal
    =3rd        Tiger Zhao, Jayden Zhang     Bronze Medals

    Junior A:
     1st       Allen Han       Gold Medal
     =2nd   Jason Cui,, Analia Luscombe, Callen Hermann,
               Dylan Berg, Ana Kyval          Silver Medals
    Junior B:
    1st    Boris Eroshenko       Gold Medal
    2nd    Liam Wang      Silver Medal
    3rd    Harry Gong      Bronze Medal

2018 Junior Club Championship
 Junior Club Champion:  

    Gavyn Sanusi-Goh   Trophy & Perpetual trophy
      2nd    Jayden Zhang     Silver Medal    
      =3rd  Tiger Zhao, Felix Chen,

                Allen Han  Bronze Medals

      Junior A:
     1st     Callen Hermann      Gold Medal
     2nd    Lucas Mi        Silver Medal
     =3rd   Jimmy Dong, Chunting Li,

                 Boris Eroshenko  Bronze Medals

     Junior B:
    1st    Jason Hu     Gold Medal
    2nd    Ray Dong    Silver Medal
    =3rd    Samuel Gu, Alex Monks    Bronze Medals


2018 Christmas Cracker

     1st      Tiger Zhao        Gold Medal
     2nd      Eric Zheng       Silver Medal
     3rd      Felix Chen        Bronze Medal

     Junior A:
     1st     Jimmy Dong       Gold Medal
     =2nd  Emily Wu, Callen Hermann, Jason Cui,
           Boris Eroshenko, Tony Mo    Silver Medals

     Junior B:
     1st      Lachlan Zhang    Gold Medal
     2nd      Ray Dong        Silver Medal
     3rd     Leo Li            Bronze Medal



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