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Senior Club

Senior Club Events

2019 Croydon Open

1st    IM Guy West    $300        Perpetual Trophy engraved
2nd   Kyle Gibson     $200
=3rd   Garry Lycett, Ian Birchall,
         Tanya Kolak (=U1600),
         Ion Kloprogge (=U1600)  $52.50 each
Top Juniors & U1200 :    Tiger Zhao, Jayden Zhang  $90 each

    2019 Croydon Open – U800
     =1st   Timothy Brown, Chunting Li    Gold Medals  x2
      3rd   Derek Qian                         Bronze Medal
2019 President's Cup

1st    Kyle Gibson                Gold Medal  & Perpetual trophy engraved
2nd   Ian Birchall                    Silver Medal
3rd   Garry Lycett                    Bronze Medal

       2019 President's Cup - U800
1st    Lucas Cheong                    Gold Medal
2nd   Timothy Brown                    Silver Medal
3rd    Abtin Bekloo                    Bronze Medal

2019 The Frost   
1st    Garry Lycett                    Gold Medal
2nd   Ian Birchall                    Silver Medal
3rd    Kyle Gibson                    Bronze Medal

        2019 The Frost - U800
1st    Hayden Ma                    Gold Medal
2nd   Matthew Zhu                    Silver Medal                   
3rd    Chunting Li                          Bronze Medal

2019 The Spring Cup
1st    Ian Birchall                    Gold Medal
2nd   Kyle Gibson                    Silver Medal
3rd   Matthew Potter                    Bronze Medal

      2019 The Spring Cup - U800

1st    Timothy Brown                    Gold Medal
2nd    Colin He                        Silver Medal                   
3rd    Matthew Zhu                          Bronze Medal


2019 Croydon Club Championship        

      2019 Club Champion   

             IM  Guy West        $100, Trophy & Shield engraved

2nd      Ian Birchall     $62.50         Silver Medal 
3rd      Kyle Gibson      $62.50        Bronze Medal
        U1600   Marko Grabovac, Ion Kloprogge, Matthew Potter  $10 each
        U1100   George Meilicke   $30
        Top Junior  Gavyn Sanusi-Goh  $50

       2019 Croydon Club Championship - U800       

1st      Matthew Zhu    $20            Gold Medal
2nd      Colin He       $20         Silver Medal 
3rd      Hayden Ma    $20            Bronze Medal



Special Awards & Events

Bendigo Bank Awards   

$50 bank accounts at Mooroolbark Community Bendigo Bank. These are presented to enthusiastic and capable juniors who have demonstrated good progress over the year. We don't give them to players who have received them in previous years.

Samuel Gu:  This year, Samuel achieved a number of excellent results in our Junior B group and recently progressed to the Junior A group. He concentrates well and is keen to improve. (Age: 10)

Felix Chen:  Over the whole year, Felix has been one of the more successful players in our Youth club events. He is keen, concentrates well and is prepared to think carefully about his moves. This year he made the progression to Senior Open tournaments where he has scored the occasional upset result.

Lachlan Zhang:
Lachlan has demonstrated rapid improvement over the year, winning a number of B-division tournaments before progressing to A-Division and gaining a Silver medal in the final tournament at that level. (Age: 8)

Jason Cui:  Jason is eager to learn and has shown good progress since joining the club 3 years ago. This year he has been near the top in a number of tournaments at the Junior A level. However, he finished the year in style, winning the final tournament with 6/6. (Age:8)

Stefan Lee:  Stefan always shows great enthusiasm and is keen to improve his play. This year he progressed from the Junior A to the Youth group winning a number of tournaments along the way.  In September, he became the 2019 Junior Club Champion  (Age: 10).


2019 Beautiful Game Prize

Presented to Kyle Gibson for his win with black in R5 of the President's Cup. See the game here.


Presentation Night Blitz

1st   John Nemeth

=2nd/3rd   Garry Lycett & Chengyun Xu

Top Junior: Lachlan Zhang


Junior & Youth Clubs

Junior & Youth Club Events

2019 Summer Allegro

=1st     Eric Zheng, Jayden Zhang                  Gold Medals x2
=3rd      Samuel Arthur, Ursula Arthur            Bronze Medals x2
     Junior A:
 1st     Stefan Lee                              Gold Medal
 2nd    Kingsley Wang                        Silver Medal
=3rd   Emily Wu,  Joshua McAliece,  Boris Eroshenko,
          Jason Cui,  Lucas Mi,  Callen Hermann  Bronze Medals x6
     Junior B:
 =1st   Samuel Gu, Lachlan Zhang   Gold Medals x2
 3rd    Ray Dong                          Bronze Medal

2019 Polgar Blitz

1st     Jayden Zhang                        Gold Medal
2nd        Felix Chen                         Silver Medal
3rd        Hayden Ma                        Bronze Medal
     Junior A:
 1st     Boris Eroshenko                                Gold Medal
 =2nd  Jason Hu,   Kingsley Wang, Tommy Chu Silver Medals x3
     Junior B:
1st    Samuel Gu                       Gold Medal
=2nd Jaylen He, Michael Pan       Silver Medals x 2

2019 Croydon Junior Open

  =1st     Jayden Zhang & Stefan Lee
     3rd   Julian O'Brien
   Top U8:    Michael Pan & Kingsley Wang
   Top U7:    Vallen Zhang & Ken Lin

   Encouragement:    Hazel Lam
   Puzzles:     Josh McAliece & Dhruva Sarvepalli

2019 Autumn Allegro
 1st     Jayden Zhang                       Gold Medal
 2nd     Felix Chen                           Silver Medal
 3rd     Patrick Hoang                       Bronze Medal
     Junior A:
1st     Stefan Lee                            Gold Medal
2nd      Emily Wu                            Silver Medal
3rd    Analia Luscombe                    Bronze Medal
      Junior B:
1st    Lachlan Zhang                        Gold Medal
2nd     Samuel Gu                           Silver Medal
3rd     Jaylen He                             Bronze Medal

2019 Capablanca Blitz
=1st    Jayden Zhang                      Gold Medal
=2nd   Felix Chen,  Lucas Cheong      Silver Medals x 2

    Junior A:
 1st    Kingsley Wang        Gold Medal
 2nd   Joshua McAliece      Silver Medal
 3rd    Stefan Lee             Bronze Medal
    Junior B:
 1st    Lachlan Zhang                   Gold Medal
 2nd    Jaylen He                        Silver Medal
 3rd    Michael Pan                     Bronze Medal



2019 Christmas Cracker


1st Stefan Lee Gold Medal

2nd Felix Chen Silver Medal

3rd Hayden Ma Bronze Medal


   Junior A:

1st Jason Cui Gold Medal

2nd Lachlan Zhang Silver Medal

3rd Emily Wu Bronze Medal


    Junior B:

1st Leo Li ` Gold Medal

=2nd Hao Guo, David Qi Silver Medals x 2

2019 Junior Club Championship

   2019 Junior Club Champion:     

                Stefan Lee    – Trophy & Shield engraved

 =2nd  Felix Chen, Jayden Zhang      Silver Medals x2

      Junior A:
 =1st  Analia Luscombe, Jason Hu, Emily Wu  Gold Medal x3

      Junior B:
1st     Samuel Gu                        Gold Medal
2nd    Anmol Paudel                     Silver Medal
=3rd  Michael Pan, Harry Gong, Ray Dong  Bronze Medals x 3


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