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Junior Online Allegro 1 - Results


Congratulations to the following players for their performances in our first ever Junior Online Allegro:

      1st    Ken   6/7

  = 2nd   Harry, Hao & Jayden  4



# Player Score R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
1 Ken Lin (kenplayer) 6 15Won 13Won 10Won 2Won 7Won 4Won 3Lost
2 Harry Gibson (StrikingFanFalcon) 4 5Won 7Won 14Won 1Lost 8Won BYE0.0 BYE0.0
3 Hao Guo (FreelyCat) 4 BYE0.5 BYE0.5 BYE0.0 6Won 9Won BYE0.0 1Won
4 Jayden Wan (CentralHomelyPig) 4 BYE0.5 BYE0.5 BYE0.0 14Won 12Won 1Lost 9Won
5 Oliver Liu (ShinyGallantSnake) 3.5 2Lost BYE0.5 BYE0.5 11Drew 13Won 9Lost 12Won
6 Hazel Lam (SparklyDeer) 3.5 8Lost 10Won 7Lost 3Lost 14Drew 13Won 11Won
7 Ruben Dwyer (EasyFanOctopus) 3 14Won 2Lost 6Won 8Won 1Lost BYE0.0 BYE0.0
8 Dihain Rathnayake (ManlySapidFox) 3 6Won BYE0.5 BYE0.5 7Lost 2Lost 12Drew 10Drew
9 Yashain Rathnayake (MeteoricGuide) 3 13Drew BYE0.5 BYE0.5 12Drew 3Lost 5Won 4Lost
10 Sean Deng (FabulousHound) 2.5 BYE0.5 6Lost 1Lost 13Drew 11Lost BYE1.0 8Drew
11 Chen Guo (ContentSnake) 2.5 BYE0.5 BYE0.5 BYE0.0 5Drew 10Won BYE0.0 6Lost
12 Yaobin Cai (EstheticChicken) 2.5 BYE1.0 14Lost 13Drew 9Drew 4Lost 8Drew 5Lost
13 Gabriel Carter (BeefyGuideTurtle) 2 9Drew 1Lost 12Drew 10Drew 5Lost 6Lost 14Drew
14 Matthew Lin (SilkenCannyCat) 2 7Lost 12Won 2Lost 4Lost 6Drew BYE0.0 13Drew
15 Charlie Dantanrayana (BeigeAdeptWriter) 1 1Lost BYE0.5 BYE0.5 BYE0.0 BYE0.0 BYE0.0 BYE0.0


Full results and access to games can be found here.



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