About – Croydon Chess Club


Croydon Chess Club aims to provide a safe, inclusive environment for the enjoyment of the
world’s most popular mind-sport. The club focuses on helping members of all ages improve
their chess skills and aims to provide organised coaching and regular opportunities for
recreational and competitive play at a wide range of levels.


Although there had been an earlier Croydon Chess Club operating in the 1970’s, by the early 2000’s, residents of the outer north-east suburbs of Melbourne had to travel some distance to play tournament chess. Stephen Frost was a keen chess player and his children were also showing an interest in the game. He saw the need for a local venue for learning and playing chess. He researched, sort support and found other people interested in the idea.  The club met for the first time at Croydon Christian Church on the 10th February 2005 and has been operating continuously ever since. The club has expanded and changed venues, but its purpose and organisational structure is essentially the same now as it was then.

Statement of Purpose

Croydon Chess Club exists to:

  • encourage the enjoyment of chess amongst residents of Croydon and surrounding suburbs
  • educate our community about the benefits of a lifetime of playing chess
  • train participants of all ages to become more technically proficient in their play
  • facilitate the running of structured (competitive) chess tournaments as well as informal (casual) play
  • provide a welcoming club environment that fosters development of productive, long-term relationships between our members