Most Beautiful Game Awards


Each year the club recognises the intricacy, beauty and struggle of chess by awarding one classic game played at the club the title of  Most Beautiful Game. The winner or, in the case of a draw, both players are recognised by their name on our perpetual trophy and by highlighting the game on our website.


Below are our Award Winners:

2023      Jeff Coldrey

2022      Garry Voigt 

2021       Not awarded (pandemic)

2020      Not awarded (pandemic)

2019      Kyle Gibson

2018     Gavyn Sanusi-Goh

2017      Jean Watson

2016     Kyle Gibson

2015     Stafford Lee & Tanya Kolak

2014     Richard Goldsmith

2013     Ian Birchall

2012     Steve Scott

2011     Cameron Yung

2010     Joseph Wong

2009     Ian Birchall

2008     Tony Waller

2007     Ion Kloprogge

2006     Douglas Stones

2005     Warren Whitham