Procedure for prospective members

While new members are welcome, we have reached some limits in the capacity of the venue and in the availability of coaches to take junior classes. For that reason, we ask prospective members to:

Email the Secretary with the applicant’s details:

    • Name of applicant,
    • Contact phone number,
    • Contact email,
    • Date of birth and
    • Club level that you’re interested in     (Beginners, Juniors, Youth, Seniors)

The Secretary will place the applicant on the appropriate wait list and will make contact when a place becomes available.

An applicant will then have up to 14 days to commit to membership by paying the appropriate membership fee to our bank account. During that time, the applicant can attend a trial session at the club. After that time, we may need to offer that place to someone else.


Fees & Information

For details of fees and other information please see the following documents (pdf):

Information for 2024 prospective members

2024 Membership Application form


Social Chess Alternatives

The focus of our club, like most sporting clubs, is on competitive play and coaching. While we welcome players who just want to play a casual game of chess, it is difficult for us to provide for adults, both a social setting, where conversations can take place, and a tournament setting, where noise is kept to a minimum, in a single room.

If you are just interested in playing social chess then you should consider checking out your local library. If you are retired then you should check out whether chess is an activity at your local U3A group.