2024 Croydon Junior Open

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Croydon Junior Open.

Here are the main prize winners:

Overall:     1st    Marcus Wei   (7)        2nd  Xiaoyi Yang    (6)        3rd    Archer Lennard (5 tiebreak)

Age groups (age at 1st Jan 2024, about 10 players in each group):

Top  Under 14 :   Jack Tiley  (5)

Top Under 12 :   Xinlin Celine Zhan  (5)

Top Under 11 :  Hasas Abeygunawardana,  Elijah Rojas,  Nolan Lin   (5)

Top Under 9 :    David McEnnally  (4)

Puzzle winners :   Hazel Lam,   Chern Yu Kong

All prizes provided by Croydon Chess Club and Northern Star Chess.

Final cross table